This is a page for the creators of Project Derp to write their own biographies. They promise to try to not be narcissistic assholes about it.

Paul (NotSoFamousPaul)


"They promise to try to not be narcissistic assholes about it."

This is bullshit.

Anyways, let's begin.

I was always interested in cartoons, and had always dreamed of making my own. However, second graders didn't really know how cartoons work, much less how to make them. So I settled for the next best thing. Comics. Since second grade, I have been drawing comics about the various things that interested me. Most of these were eaten by the great time monster. Over time, I began to slowly lose interest in drawing, partially because my mind was focused on other things. Like gaming. Yeah, basically just gaming. In early 2010, I found out about a web-series called Eddsworld, and instantly fell in love with it. It motivated me to start drawing again, and that's just what I did. I restarted my drawings in an art style dangerously similar to Edd's style. It improved and evolved over time, but to me, it still looks a bit like Eddsworld with noses. I was drawing on paper when I picked drawing up again. I didn't have a tablet, or any animation software to work with, nor did I really have the funds, but I still wanted to have a cartoon someday. I told my friends about this dream, and Kolt was definately it's biggest supporter. It wasn't until sometime last year that I managed to pick up a Wacom tablet, and I may soon pick up Adobe Flash. Things are looking good. Now I just need to get motivated enough to actually do something. Kolt helps out a lot in this regard.

  • LIKE: Gaming, puns, cats, hats, gats, Reddit, comics, and burning things.
  • DISLIKE: 9gag, Facebook, Apple, overexplained jokes, and #swag. Seriously, swagfags are annoying.

Kolt (JaysusMoon)

Hi, I'm Kolt. I'm the webmaster for the Project Derp comics and the main writer for the web shorts.

I like music and coding. I'm not sure what else there is to say. I'm more at home with web development and design but I have some experience with game programming also.

I'll have my own portfolio site for all my stuff up soon but for right now if you have a question for me, you can message me on reddit: my username is JaysusMoon.

My skills are keeping Paul motivated.

My favorites:

  • Band: Interpol
  • Drink: Ginger ale
  • Drink I can drink around all of my guy friends without being called a "queerfag": Root beer
  • Programming language: C or C#
  • Web comic: Cyanide and Happiness, or XKCD
  • Subreddits: /r/standupshots, /r/battlestations, or /r/AskReddit

There's not much else to say here.


Jacob (MrOwlking)


I am Richard and I am the best. I was born to a god and a Velociraptor. I have a nack for guns and cats.

I one born in Vernoa in 1462 AD. I found this annoying lovie dovie couple called Romeo and Juliet. The died later by 'suicide.' I have then roamed a jungle with ligthning fingers and caused the Mt. Helena volcano. It was awesome.

Favorite food: Blood of the innocent.

Favorite gat: Colt AK M4 1911 assault gat.

Favorite animal: Cat.

Hates: Cheesy puns, Paul.

Cameron (BaconBits1234)

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