Seppi is a language spoken in Eaglecrest.

Syntax and PhonologyEdit

Seppi is spoken very similar to the French language, even following some of the core lingual concepts of it.

For example, the phrase Monts levreç vent Urivent ("Long live the revolution") is pronounced mohn levrechk vahn turivahn.

The cedille character is pronounced as a German guttural C or a French guttural R. When written in purely English characters, it will be written with a "chk".

Pr is pronounced as an "f" sound. The é is pronounced as an "ay" sound. Confuse it not with è which is used to change a noun's gender. The à is pronounced like the "a" in "cat", written 'aa' for reasons I don't quite understand.

Sample PhrasesEdit

  • "Good night!" - Scelépric telmacts. (Sehl-ay-feek tehl-mahk)
  • "Go away." [non-vulgar] - Patrestent serdem. (Pah-tress-tahn sair-dehm)
  • "Go away." [vulgar] - Duivent àmer. (Dwee-vahn aa-mehr)

History of SeppiEdit

Seppi, Cameronian, and Wurhummir (sometimes called Wurhummir Seppi) are all derived from the language spoken by the Ancients, Ancient Deswit. Seppi is perhaps the farthest from Ancient Deswit, while Cameronian remained the closest.

Cameronian and Seppi were relatively similar until the Cameronian Revolution in which Cameron Brunnis II led the separation between Cameronia and Seppi, leading to the furthering of the two languages. The equivalent of the Red Scare happened in both countries. Cameronian still retains the Cameronian alphabet, whilst Seppi romanized their language by adopting the Latin Alphabet and allowing the influence of Romance languages.

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